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We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Operation Pay It Forward to create a positive impact in the lives of veterans and their families.

About OPIF

"Operation Pay It Forward was founded and organized by veterans that understand the healing process and help by providing a new focus and mission for these veterans. One of the biggest voids is from the lack of comradery and brotherhood that kept them alive in combat situations. In the civilian life, this is most easily duplicated by spending time in the field hunting, fishing or simply enjoying the outdoors. 

There are plenty of worthwhile charities in this world. There are a lot of those that need help and many social benefits are available to those that are going through a bad time or experiencing medical issues.

Our nation’s veterans raised their hands and purposely put themselves in harm’s way to sacrifice for their fellow Americans. Unfortunately, our society has not put the same measures in place to take care of the unique struggles and injuries our combat veterans return home with. Most struggle to simply understand what our returning veterans are trying to cope with in civilian life."

Their Mission

"Our mission is to show our appreciation for our fighting veterans by connecting them with others that share the same passions and are willing to get them into the outdoors and enjoying life again. 

Our goal is to provide a new focus for our returning veterans and provide them with a new mission to help save their brothers and sisters they served with. The enemy in civilian life is often within the veteran and much more difficult to identify and fight. We are here to help in that battle."

Creating Employment Opportunities

In the event that OPIF has qualified veterans who are looking for long term career opportunities, American Eagle Ready Mix has agreed to reimburse $2000 to OPIF for sponsoring these veterans who successfully complete the Commercial Driver's License program at the Tooele Technical College, additional hands-on training at American Eagle Ready Mix and 1-year of full-time employment in a driving position. 

In the event that a non-driving position is given to a qualified OPIF veteran, American Eagle Ready Mix would make donations totaling $1000 to OPIF over the course of the veteran's first year of employment. 

Upcoming Events

Charity Golf Tournament April 22, 2022

For more information and donation/sponsoring opportunities, contact Shelly at

For more information on OPIF or to get involved, please visit their website by clicking here: 

OPIF: About Us
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